Mega Inn is located directly at the crossing of the Batang River at Tangkahan, North Sumatra. The staff are very friendly and do everything to please the guests.

Mega Inn Tangkahan Sumatra

In the middle of the dark jungle you will find our simple but charming accommodation.cottages situated in a rarely visited part of the Gunung Leuser National Park. Visitors can ride on elephant through the jungle, tube, swim, swim to the hot springs or relax, visit to the waterfall or do a jungle trek. Our guesthouse offers beautiful views on the river and the surrounding area. If you are lucky you will be able to see the hornbils, the seaguls, monitor lizards, lizards, buffalo's,  snakes, beautiful fishes, many butterflys, different species of monkeys, and many other animals.

Mega Inn Tangkahan Sumatra

Every cottage has a mosquito net, veranda with sitting area and a bathroom with a toilet and mandibak. Some rooms have an Indonesian squat toilet. There is only electricity from 18.30 to 23.00 hours. Dodi, photo below, decorates the tables every day.

Mega Inn Tangkahan Sumatra

 In our restaurant an Indonesian breakfast (rice, noodles, pancakes, eggs, fruit, ...) is served. Lunch,  dinner, fresh fruit juices and other drinks are available too.

 Elephant riding, tubing and the junglewalking, all start from our guesthouse.

Little elephant Tanka was born in December 2010,

baby elephant Namu in January 2011.

On the picture Ardenna (40 years) is on the left, Augustin (34 years) on the right.

Mega Inn at Tangakan

Extra news

Baby elephant tangka and namo already gone and they have 3rd baby born at tangkahan, name is amelia , age around 3 years.